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Seascape Newfoundland


Photos courtesy of Mercana Furniture

Just beyond the rocky coast and the sparkling shore, the waves roll and break, the breeze tousles your hair, and there is a sense of space, depth, and serenity. A view of the sea ushers in a moment of reprieve; in its wake, you may find memories of a holiday, a turning point in life, or your heart’s home. Seascape Newfoundlandinvites you to take that classic calm at the seaside and transfer that tranquility into your home.

As a producer of the popular Food Network series “Restaurant Makeover”, Michael Taylor met and worked with designers, as well as hundreds of furniture suppliers. For Michael and his wife, Elizabeth, these connections, combined with the influence of their travels, inspired them to establish Seascape Newfoundland. Looking for a more refined, relaxed sense of the shore to bring indoors, (“but fresh and a little more modern”), is their continuing labour of love.

This modern, Canadian, online retailer is so much more than your average big box décor store. They offer unique, rustic, casual pieces of furniture and decorative coastal items for your home, cabin, or beach house. They feature quality and durability that you can trust. Calming and comfort are words that best describe their collections. You will find traditional and contemporary nautical pieces that truly celebrate the seashore. Their website, seascapenl.ca, is a well-organized catalogue with items sorted by space, (living, dining), and by utility, (wall art, lighting). Whether you reside in Newfoundland, or “come from away”, you will appreciate their carefully designed collections and top-rated customer service. They believe in building rapport, and want you to know that there is an actual person on the end of your request, solid as a rock.


A seascape, as a work of art, depicts the sea, or communicates that sense of freedom and expansiveness; the depth of the ocean’s beauty. Seascape Newfoundland aims to deliver that experience to your door.


Seascape Newfoundland